Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sewing lessons I have learnt ...

Thought I would share with you some of the things that I have learnt while sewing dresses over the past week. And yes, that is "the dress", version 2. I cannot make for one and not for the other, just ask Kate about that!
That light in the sewing machine that has been flickering since, oooh, about November. If you take the time to pick up a screw driver, take the cover off the light and twist the bulb in tightly, well, low and behold, it stops flickering. Do you know how annoying it is to sew with a light that flickers? Do you know how easy it is to fix?
When you are sewing with lots and lots of fabric, as I was by the time I got down to the fourth tier of the dress, make sure you don't sew with it scrunched up in a big ball on the side. Because, believe it or not, you sew parts together that are not meant to be together. And that can be really annoying too.

Give your children sedatives before you attempt to fit a dress on them. You can fit a dress three times and still get it wrong - all because they won't STAND STILL. And yes, if you don't stand still, the pins will stick into you.
When you are sewing and your children are in bed and you really need to try the dress on them, you can actually put it on them while they are asleep. Oh, come on! It was only the top part. I just needed to see if it went around her chest. Did you think I meant the whole dress? Oh no, I would never have done that. And when your husband walks up the hallway and asks what the @#$% are you doing, just casually say "oh, nothing ....".
You can never have or use too many pretty buttons or trim. By the way, if you have a really keen eye, you will notice some staining on the button above. Unfortunately, these photos were taken post-birthday party. It's cordial, or cake or jelly or ice-cream or something.
Always let your six year old choose her own fabric because she did a darn good job.
And I have it on good advice that these dresses are perfect for twirling around in, until you make yourself so giddy, you collapse in a heap, giggling wildly.
Must go and make myself one.

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