Monday, March 12, 2007

Obsessive Compulsive ...

Who says obsessive compulsive is a disorder?

I say it's a passion!

I have an obsessive compulsive passion for trim! Braid, ribbon, call it what you like.

Beautiful, pretty, colourful. I love the way that you put it with your favourite fabric and it screams "Yes! We were meant to be together. Where have you been all my life? Don't we look great together?" I think having a love for fabric goes hand in hand with a love for trims. 

Don't be thinking that all my trim is neatly categorized on a fancy shelf. Hell no! It lives under my bed in shoe boxes. And it is never wound back properly because I am so busy searching for that piece I bought three months ago that I have now found a fabric soul mate for.

So please, sit back and enjoy this piece, entitled "A rummage through the shoe box". Otherwise known as newly acquired eye-candy I tell my husband I've had for years.

A linen trim, with a beautiful soft grey edge. Yes, I really did need 30 metres.

OK, so the cute factor won over here. Not usually one to be swayed by cute, but that horse and cart... And the tulips. Was I surprised to find it was Japanese? No, not really.
And give me ric-rac. 60 metres. Bring it on. Small ...
and large. You can never have too much.
There are friends who understand the "passion" and who send marvellous boxes with beautiful apple green pom pom trim.

And other friends who aid and abet by sharing not only where to find wonderful ribbon, but ribbon with polka dots.
Perhaps I should stop fondling and start making?

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