Thursday, March 22, 2007

Daggy Things - Part III

Oh yes, just when you thought that the list of daggy things couldn't get any longer, I'm back with more!

Drink coasters. Sorry, but I just think daggy. Perhaps this stems from my misspent youth. Too many nights over Summer holidays spent in the Merimbula RSL. Sitting at tables covered with those cardboard beer coasters. Boy did they get soggy. And why was it so funny when you stuck them to your forehead? Enough said, I'm telling too many stories for a responsible thirty something mother of two and a dog.

I could well be the last person in the blogging universe to have found thistutorial. Jenny's Allsorts blog is beautiful and I love visiting. Always inspiring. Her coaster tutorial is very easy to follow and has gone a long way in helping me to forget the Merimbula RSL.

These are so quick and fun to make. I made this set for my sister. I can see that everyone I know will soon have a set of coasters. I feel a coaster frenzy coming on.

Paint-by-numbers! I'm loving it! And as my Mum so cleverly pointed out, you could even use them in reverse.
And then, at the end of the night when all your drinking friends have gone home, you can pack them away in this neat little bag.
That concludes my series on Daggy Things. Hope you've enjoyed it. I'll be moving back to normal programming soon.

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