Sunday, March 18, 2007

Daggy Things - Part I

When people discover that you can "make stuff", sometimes they put in a special request or two. When I had my little market stalls last December, I received a few requests, or rather, people asking me if I made something in particular. Two items I was asked for then, I have been asked for since, and it started me thinking.

When I was initially asked for these items, to be honest, I cringed. They were not things that entered into my creative realm. For me, they were kind of up there with crocheted toilet roll covers or nylon lace coat hangers. Hey, call me a craft snob if you must.

Then I thought that these were functional items that people were asking for. Does that mean that they can't find them, or can't find them made in a style that appeals?
Therefore, I present to you item number one. The essential item that everybody's Mum had in the seventies, the jewellery roll.

When I thought jewellery roll, I thought daggy present that your auntie gives you for Christmas. Yes, functional, but daggy. I am really loving the Moda Uptown fabric (thanks again Kristin). I wanted it to say here is somewhere I can put all my funky beads and chunky pendants next time my husband takes me to stay at some cool and hip holiday destination. If he is reading this ...

Pretty simple construction really. Two pockets at the bottom and some ribbon loops at the top to thread and fasten those funky pieces onto.
So, I'm feeling OK about daggy stuff now. I've learnt that I just need to think about it a bit and make it in a style that I am comfortable with.
And what is that I see? My very own "Violet & Rose" label! Marianne was once again kind enough to help me out here and point me in the right direction. Must say, I'm pretty chuffed with the end result. A bit like seeing your name up in lights. Well, it's as close as I think I will ever get to that.

Coming soon, daggy things Part II ...

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