Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pedal to the Metal

Sometimes I start things. They are very simple projects. I think, however, the fact that I don't have a sewing room and that my machine is not permanently set up is a hindrance to finishing simple projects. I may have a spare half hour which would be ample time to zip around something and finish it. By the time I get out the machine, set it up (inevitably I have the wrong colour cotton in or the bobbin is near empty), sew for all of, ooooh, ten minutes, then it is time to pack it up. I don't like leaving the machine out. Little fingers, electricity and well, you know the rest.

So this bunting took me a lot longer than I would have liked it to. Last night I was determined to finish it, so I put my foot down and off I went. Couldn't be bothered taking the extra minutes to pin the binding to the trim, to the flags. Just put my foot down heavier. It is a well known fact that the harder you put your foot down, the quicker you go, the less time you get to ponder your mistakes. Just keep going.

Afterwards, I regret my lead foot, but hey, it's done. And it will be hanging on a wall, high, so no one can inspect the bit I missed.

It will be hanging on a very special wall. In Queensland. A long way from here. My new niece's wall. Maeve Elizabeth was born last week and I just want to blow raspberries on her chubby little tummy and kiss her precious little forehead while she is sleeping. One day, in a few months ...

In the meantime, Miss Maeve, here, have some bunting from your crazy Auntie Jo.

By the way, the bunting is made up of all Laura Ashley children's fabric. Went into their clearance store the other week and they were selling packs of pieces made up from old sample books. Wish I had bought more. There was only one pack ofchildren's fabric, so glad I snaffled that one up. Soaked off the edging card, cut around the holes at the top, and hey presto, bunting! Don't you just love a bargain?

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