Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Daggy Things - Part II

As mentioned in my previous post, daggy things part I, people are very good at coming up to you at market stalls and telling you what you should be making. I have a thick skin. One such conversation went something like this.

"Do you make peg aprons?"

"Peg aprons?"

"Yeah, you know, aprons you keep your pegs in when you hang your washing on the line"

"Ah, no."

"Well, you should be. They'd sell like hot cakes!"

Yeah, right, I thought, peg aprons. Who would use a peg apron - Daaagggy!

Then a girlfriend told me about her camping trip where all the "ladies" in the caravan park wore peg aprons. While hanging out their washing and bringing it in. Not as a fashion item around the park for 5.00pm drinks and nibblies. Although, I was lead to believe that they were "de rigeur" in the laundry. She asked if I could make her one. But, she stipulated, it must not be daggy. She wanted to be the envy of the caravan park.

So, out came the "flea market fancy", teamed up with some red gingham and thetable cloth I bought from the op-shop. I made it pretty heavy duty, with the pocket and the back lined with the gingham to make it extra sturdy. I didn't gather the apron front onto the band at all, as I had visions of it being like a man's tool belt. After all, pegs are kind of like women's tools. I know, I am being very politically incorrect and stereotyping male and female rolls. Nobody ever said this blog was politically correct. Pretty, yes. Politically correct, sometimes.

The one stipulation was that the pockets needed to be gathered so as to fit all the pegs in. Hey, good thinking! If that hadn't have been mentioned, I'm sure I would have made a lovely flat pocket that would have fitted all of about five pegs in.
Now, there have been a lot of questions regarding my labels. Can I just say that again? My labels. There. Anyway, I really cannot take the credit for them. They were Marianne's idea, and I am sure she wouldn't mind me sharing the contact details for those of you who are interested. Whole heartedly recommend using these suppliers. Efficient, helpful, great products.
The tape is just your good old standard twill tape, bought by the metre fromSpotlight. About $1.00 something a metre. The stamp was custom made by Sydney Stamp Stall . Send Felicity a jpeg file of your artwork and she does the rest. Mine was a rubber stamp on a wooden block. Now, the ink was from Scrapbook Junction and is called "Palette" Hybrid Ink. It does need to be heat set, but then should be fine for washing. Perhaps Marianne, you could further add any comments regarding this? Hope that helps those who have been asking.
And coming soon, yes, just when you thought I was all daggied out - Daggy Things - Part III.

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