Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lots of Things ...

Lots of things going on around here lately.
Lots of Christmas get together's ...Lots of Christmas reading ...
Lots of writing Christmas cards ...These beauties are from Tiel's Etsy shop.
Lots of hairclips from 
Tamara. Well, just because ...Lots of sewing ...I was loving this little combination of Denyse Schmidt and (will you still talk to me?) Spotlight fabric.So was the dog ....
Also, if you happen to be anywhere in Melbourne (or anywhere else for that matter) where there may be some quilts for sale. Like in a dark alley way from a man off the back of a truck. Please take note. Read the following and keep your eyes peeled.
So much for the old Christmas spirit being alive and well. The mind boggles! How would you get this many quilts out of a shop? I guess I just don't have a criminal mind. Just as well really.
To the people at Amitie, I hope your theif is caught and more importantly, your beautiful quilts returned.

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