Friday, December 22, 2006

White Christmas ...

City of Melbourne Christmas Tree. Corner of Swanston & Collins Streets, Melbourne. Taken on a good day.
Things are a little crazy here in Melbourne at the moment, or should that be hazy. We have had a week filled with thick smoke from the bushfire's in Victoria, 35 degree heat and apparently, on Christmas Day, we can expect some snow falls in the alpine regions. The world's gone mad.

Christmas shopping done. Still knitting rabbits - yes, you read right. Knitting rabbits. Something that I have been hesitant to embrace, but am now loving. Particularly because they worked. I had visions of poor sad old wonky rabbits, but they look half OK. Will post a photo or two in the next few weeks.

Have made skirts for the girls to wear Christmas Day. Because girl's "frock up" on Christmas Day. Or they do in my family anyway. We will be sipping champagne cocktails (the big girls that is, the little one's will be sucking pop tops) and be looking gorgeous in our "frocks". Freezing, but gorgeous.
Baking shortbread tomorrow. Have had to wait for the weather to cool down. Note I said cool down, not plummet to the depths of winter. If anyone has ever tried to make shortbread in an un-airconditioned house, they will know what I mean.
Have yourselves a Merry little Christmas. Relax, do some sewing (or even knitting) and Enjoy!

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